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iStock_000004702153XSmallWho we are

JVP is a foreign owned, Tokyo based production house, specializing in video production and coordination in Japan for overseas clients. It was founded in 2012 by Xavier Marchand, former COO at JBI Studios in Los Angeles, and Chikako Yamada, a retail expert.

What we do

We serve as a local, turnkey resource for international clients needing help with video shoots in Japan. Depending on the project, our mission is sometimes as simple as providing logistical support for a producer travelling to Japan, all the way to producing full coverage of a week long trade show.

Why work with JVP

Japan has famously high cost of living, and a language barrier that complicates all professional activities. Organizing a shoot or an interview locally can mean headaches upfront and ruin you later. Applying for shooting permits from abroad is a non starter. We help you minimize expenses and hassles by handling all coordination of your projects, and when possible avoid you the trip altogether.

Who we work for

The majority of our clients are US based: mostly either large corporations with branches in Japan, or production companies with projects here.

Time Difference

In order to bridge the time difference with our mostly US based clients, we commit to being available at least from 1pm PST every day. Our east coast clients also get a second chance to catch up with us, early in their morning.

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