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Japanese English Interpreters TokyoWhether you are in Japan to scout locations, interview industry professionals, or negotiate a licensing deal, statistically speaking, it is highly unlikely that your Japanese counterpart will speak a word of English – a surprise to many foreigers considering that Japan is by far Asia’s most developed economy.

What is Interpretation?

Interpretation is not to be confused with translation. A translator is someone who produces a written piece equivalent in meaning to the original, but in a different language. An interpreter is someone who listens to speech in a certain language, and speaks the equivalent in a different language.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation happens when the interpreter waits for speaker A to stop, and then repeats in the content in the language of speaker B. This is typically what happens during a business meeting or an interview.
Consecutive interpretation is when the interpretation happens while speaker A is speaking. This is what you would see in a conference, where a speaker addresses an audience that mostly understands his/her language, and the interpreters are here for the minority of people who do not understand that language being spoken.
While consecutive interpretation can be performed simply be someone with a good command of both languages, simultaneous interpretation requires advanced skills acquired through years of study at specialized institutions.
At Japan Video Production, we provide both types of interpretaters, at very different costs.

Travelling Fees

Most of our interpreters are based either in Tokyo or Osaka. Outside of those areas, our policy depending on the project, and in particular the technicality of the topic being discussed. For highly specialized/technical content, we normally dispatch an experienced interpreter, and for more casual topics, we will usually source English speakers within our local contacts, at a much lower fee.


For special requests, we are able to record/film the interpreter in order for the material to be re-used in the future. Note that in such a case, it is industry standard in Japan to double the interpreter fees.


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