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Casting Japanese ActorsBeing based in Tokyo, where most film and video production in Japan takes place, JVP has access to the largest roster of Japanese actors and voice actors, male and female, for all your video and film needs. We work both with union and union talent, for anything ranging from technical product videos to TV commercials.  Note that we will gladly assist with casting even if we are not handling the actual production.

Live or Database Casting

Depending on the budget for the project, we may provide you with database samples, have the actors record a read with your lines, or shoot short demos in our studio.

Remote Monitoring of Casting

To ensure complete satisfaction, we encourage clients to monitor the casting session (as well as the actual production, of course) through a live feed direct from our studio.

Things to know about the Japanese Language

Casting Japanese actors is notoriously tricky, and for a reason for that: the Japanese language has very peculiar pronunciation, and even professional Japanese actors cannot stay several years abroad without having their diction affected. This is especially true for Japanese actors staying in English speaking countries, since English is spoken with the tip of tongue, while Japanese is spoken in the back of the mouth.

In other words, in order to make a high quality product for a  Japanese audience, it is essential to film or record in Japan.

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