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stock-photo-5808421-image-of-a-chinese-abacus-calculating-financeAll our estimates are project based. As a sort of reference card, you will find below, for each of our services, a non exhaustive list of the main factors that affect pricing. Having these at hand when contacting us helps, but we understand that prior to production, some of these aspects will not be fixed yet, and will work with you in order to provide the most accurate pricing, with the information that you currently have.







Core services and main pricing criteria

  • Video Production

    Running Time, Actors, Format, Green Screen/Set, Indoor/Outdoor, Single/Multi Cam, Music, Effects/Title, Broadcast Y/N

  • Crew / Project Coordination

    Position(s), Duration, Location, Languages required (Japanese, English, Chinese…), Union/Non Union, Equipment Y/N, Miscellaneous (Permits, Vans…)

  • Casting

    Age, Voice / On Screen, Broadcast Details, Union/Non Union, Special Ability (Judo, Sabre…), Audition Type

  • Green Screen Rental

    Duration, Crew Y/N, Equipment Y/N, Meals Y/N

  • Interpretation

    Duration, Location (Travel Y/N), Recording  Y/N, Topic (Medical, Entertainment…)

  • Subtitling

    Running Time, Delivery Format, Lower Thirds/Graphics, Transcription Y/N

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