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Whether you interviewed a Japanese CEO and need to know what he talked about, or have a viral video that you would like to test on a Japanese audience, we offer Japanese subtitling services for all formats.

We support all formats…

We support all digital formats, and many analog ones too:
> Digital files: QuickTime, Windows Media, Flv, mp4, 3gp, etc.
> Tapes: digi Beta, Beta SP, HDV/DV Cam
> Discs: DVD and Blu-ray
> Text: stl, sst, cap, fab, and many more

… and offer flexible quality

For subtitling as for all the other services we provide, we understand that each project has its own budget, and its own requirements. The subtitling of an interview for the sole purpose of helping the editor does not require the flawless quality one would expect for, say, a marketing video playing at a trade show. In order to give you the quality that you expect, without spending more than you expect, we may offer – and explain – several services levels, and associated outputs.

Pricing Structure:

The pricing model is essentially based on output format, TRT, and quality requirement, with some exceptions such as needs for transcription, lower thirds, animated titles, mix of languages, etc.

Contact us today for advice and pricing on your subtitling project!