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Corporate Video ProductionWe create compelling corporate videos to engage your audience, and convey not only your message but also your identity. Our comprehensive video production services start at scripting and location scouting and include on site or studio shoot, post production, voice over, music, sound effects, and final delivery in a wide range of formats.

All Media Types

Our team of Japanese professionals has extensive experience shooting for media ranging all the way from theatrical to web, and we ensure that your product surpasses the quality standards of its destination media.

Bilingual Technicians

Many of our productions are directed both to a Japanese and an English speaking audience. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that both the Japanese and English content is appropriately conveyed to both audiences. This can include subtitles, voiceover, as well as intentionally accented speech

Location Scouting and On Site Shoots

We are based in Tokyo, but are available to scout locations all over Japan. Note that we gladly offer standalone location scouting if you intend to shoot your project with your own resources.

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