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Japan is known for cutting edge technology both in video production and in internet connectivity. At JVP, we make full use of technology in order to bridge the geographical gap between us and our clients.

Ultra high speed connection

We are equipped with an NTT Fiber optics connection that delivers 200 Mbps in download (to us) and 100 Mbps in upload (from us). This means that there is never a bottleneck on our end – even for several dozens of gigabytes, transfers can get completed overnight.

Rough Cut Delivery

Our standard procedure is to post a high quality video file (typically H264) to our/your FTP for download, as well as send a link to an online version of the same. The latter enables you to share easily with all parties involved. The former serves as the proof and future reference.

Final Delivery

This varies with each project, with a typical set would consist of:
– Full quality videos available on FTP (for example, 8 bit uncompressed QuickTime files)
– Online compressed video for easy access
– Video project files: Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects projects…
– Working graphic files: layered Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, or Illustrator files
– Fonts


Although we favor digital deliveries, we also support all major tape formats, such as digi Beta, Beta SP, or HDV/DV Cam…  Keep in mind that shipping times between Japan and foreign countries are unpredictable due to custom delays.

Video compression and formats

We deliver in whatever specs our client needs: video formats include mov, wmv, flv, 3gp… In terms of encoding , we support all major settings such as constant/variable bitrates, color coding, etc. If reference files are available, we closely match existing compression specs. In the absence of those, we will choose settings in order to optimize quality/size based on client constraint (max file size, max bit rate, etc.), using compression software including Apple Compressor, Sorenson Squeeze, and Canopus Pro Coder Plus.