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Project Workflow

Although we are a full service video production house, depending on our clients’ requirements, we sometimes handle only a portion of the production tasks: it could be the shoot, but it may be as limited as scouting locations, or applying for shooting permits and hiring a van.

In very general terms, below are all the steps that may occur within a video production project, and they are commonly grouped within 3 major phases. Depending on the specifics of your project (set/location, indoor/outdoor,  typically only some of the steps below will be relevant.

1) Pre Production

This includes everything that happens before D-day.

> Storyboarding
> Scripting
> Location scouting
> Casting
> Scheduling

2) Production

> Shoot
> Voice Over

3) Post Production

> Video editing
> Audio post
> Color Correction
> Rough cut for client review
> Final cut
> Output to final format(s)

Contact us today for input on an appropriate workflow for your project!